Krank Golf Spring Effect Technology

Krank Spring Effect technology is built into every

Are you getting your fair spring effect off the face of your driver? You will be surprised to know the truth. Please take a moment to check out the videos and information below. It will change your game. Krank Golf is committed to maximizing your distance off the tee box and we look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Video 1: Understanding Driver Face Spring Effect

Video 2: The official launch video of the FORMULA 11 Series Drivers


Available in 3 different face thicknesses for
Maximum Spring Effect.
Fitted for you, based on your swing speed or average driving distance. Use the graph below to choose which FORMULA 11 driver is best for you.


(USGA Conforming)


(High COR)


(Super High COR)

This graph helps you decide
which driver is best for you.

To purchase a Formula 11 Driver:

Click on the zone that matches your driver Swing Speed or Average Distance.

Krank Golf is committed to all golfer's swing speeds.
Choose which driver
is best for you!

Swing Speed

Krank Golf Formula 11 Pro USGA Conforming Driver swing speed graph
Krank Golf Formula 11 X High COR Driver swing speed graph
Krank Golf Formula XX Super High Cor Driver swing speed chart

Average Driving Distance

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Hottest Drivers on the planet.

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Video 4: Here is a more detailed video about High COR drivers for golfers with slower swing speeds

If you already own a KRANK FORMULA 11PRO, 11X or 11XX DRIVER we’d love to hear from you. Send us a video review describing what our amazing driver technology has done for your golf game.

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    Krank Golf Formula 11 Series Drivers - Maximum Energy Transfer info graphic
    Krank Golf Formula 11 Series Drivers - Maximum Energy Transfer info graphic

    To see if your swing qualifies and if you will benefit from Krank Golf's Spring Effect technology, please answer a few questions below. Please be as honest as you can.

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    Krank Golf FORMULA 11 Reviews

    I have purchased the Formula 11X driver and love it. My drives are 50%-75% more consistent. I went from hitting 4 fairways a round to hitting as many as 9 the last round I played. My drives have gone from 225 yards to hitting a 265 yarder this past round. And I’ve nick named my new Krank as “ The Kraken “. “Release The Kraken” can be heard from the other three(3) of my foursome on every driver tee block now.

    Bill Fisher

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    I am 60 years old and I just got the new F11PRO driver with the atmos shaft and I am averaging 30 more yards more than last year's extreme x. I absolutely love it and I'm hitting it straighter. I have owned several other drivers such as the epic and also taylor mades. This f11 with the atmos shaft is by far the best I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend this driver and after my friends see me hit it they just don't believe how far it goes. They say it can't meet the USGA standards but it does.

    Mike Homsy

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    My story to share for you… and its real. Listen, my friend George tells me that Krank sells a driver for slower speed older fellow like myself at 71 years of age – was hitting 200 some of the times, until I got the Krank driver. Well, call me, email me, visit me, I’ll show you that I now hit 250 often of the times, otherwise 220 guaranteed… and that is after a few driving range practices and a half dozen games – I’m actually improving yard by yard.

    Roland Thomas, NMD.

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    I recently purchased the Formula 11 Pro Krank Driver and it is absolutely amazing. It has a great feel and a perfect weight making it easy to control. I have never been more confident out of the tee box. Lastly the sound of the driver is amazing. I love the look that I get from friends and strangers when they hear the awesome sound that comes from the driver when the ball explodes off the face! I'm a Happy Customer.

    Travis W.

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review
    Just an update on this F11X driver. WOW, I'm sending you a pic. This is a 327 yard drive with the new driver after dialing it in. I over shot the green and you can see im on the back fringe. I went from 260 yards on Ping G30 to 285 plus with Krank. Dialed it in worked on my form and have hit several shots over 300 yards. I cant thank you enough. You need proof im it. This thang is awesome when you figure out your mechanics.

    Brian Simpkins

    Krank Golf Formula 11 5 star review

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